SEO Episode 3

After few days again I'm going to put some post on my blog. I really like to talk about Search Engine Optimization, because of artificial intelligent which used in the SEO,


Keywords are very important when you are posting a document into web or Blog, let see how it works. In my previous postings, I was explaining about Search Engine Algorithms now I’m going to explain the use of algorithms and why it is required for Search Engine Results.

In this moment, your search query is made for Search Engine Optimization or Assignment Lanka may be Searching an Assignments. But the Search result was directed to this post. Sometimes while you are searching for blogs. This posting is selected by your Search engine, is it?

Question – How it happens, I haven’t played any payment to your search engine to optimize the result that shows in the first. Just I show up the impotence of this posting to the Search Engine.

Sometimes above description was really boring or less important for you. But I’ have shown up to the search engine that the impotency about this document by using important keys, words, sentences.

It is little harder to find relevant key words without putting affect, let say you need to find most relevant key word these days in commonly used.

Will Continue with Keywords in my next posting......

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