Star Topology network

Star network or the Star Topology network is a network design which Computers in a star, The topology are connected by cables to a hub. In this management of the network is made much easier (such as adding and removing devices), because of the central point. However because it is centralized more cable is required.
Because most star topologies use twisted-pair cables, the initial installation of star networks is also easier.

"Star topology diagram" 

If one computer fails the network will continue to function, but if a hub fails all computers connected to it will also be affected. Star topologies are, or are becoming the topology of choice for networks.

Star Topology Advantages:

  • The Cabling, Hardware per node is Cheaper than a mesh topology. (less cable, less hardware per node)
  • In the Star Topology the Single links make the network easier to reconfigure.
  • As we discussed above Low cable housing requirements compared to "mesh topology
  • Another good thing is If one link is damaged the rest of the star network can still function.
  • Easy fault identification and isolation.
  • Relatively low link traffic between hub and node compared to some other topologies.

Star Topology Disadvantage:
  • Cabling still excessive compared to some other topologies as everything must be linked to the one central hub.

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