Yahoo! Groups

A Yahoo! Group is similar to a message board, but with added features. A group is more akin to an online “club” where you can gather with others who share your particular interests. The literally millions of different Yahoo! Groups are each devoted to a specific topic or interest; each group includes message boards, photo and file archives, related links, and so on.

You can search for groups of interest from the Yahoo! Groups home page ( Once you find a group you like, you have to apply for membership; some groups have open membership, others need to manually approve new members, still others have invitation-only policies. You can find out more on the home page for each individual group.

Once you join a group, you can read messages in the group’s message archive or elect to receive new messages via e-mail. Posting a new message is as simple as clicking a button; messages are threaded by topic line, so related messages are relatively easy to follow.

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