Yahoo! Finance

The home base for all of Yahoo!’s financial resources is Yahoo! Finance ( The Yahoo! Finance home page, shown in Figure 1-23, provides links to proprietary information and other Web sites, In addition, links at the top of the page lead you directly to your personal portfolio and a search box lets you retrieve current quotes for any security.

Yahoo! Finance lets you create multiple portfolios; each portfolio can contain multiple stocks, securities, and market indices. You can choose to track actual portfolio performance (after you enter shares owned and price paid) or simple stock performance.

Even better, you can redesign the Yahoo! Finance site to include the specific financial information you’re looking for on a daily basis. For example, you can choose which sources Yahoo! uses for its financial news headlines and how it displays those headlines. You can also configure the way quotes and charts are displayed on individual quotes pages. To redesign your quotes pages, click the Customize Finance link at the top of the quotes page and then follow the onscreen instructions.

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