Yahoo! Briefcase

Yahoo! Briefcase ( is a way to store files online—on Yahoo!’s Web servers—and then access them from any PC with an Internet connection and a Web browser. You can even set selective access to your Briefcase files so that your friends, family, and co-workers can view, access, and download designated files.

To add a file to your Briefcase, click the Add Files link and follow the onscreen instructions. You share the files or photos in your Briefcase by setting access levels for folders within your Yahoo! Briefcase. To change the access level for a folder within your Briefcase, click the Edit icon next to the folder on your Yahoo! Briefcase page, and then select the desired access level—Private,
Friends, or Everyone.

If you want others to access your Yahoo! Briefcase page, they access a Web address that looks like this: Replace yahooID with your own Yahoo! ID to complete the URL. Anyone accessing a folder in your Yahoo! Briefcase can download any of the files in the folder.

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