Yahoo! Address Book

If you want universal access to your contacts, no matter where you are (or what PC you’re using), use Yahoo! Address Book ( Yahoo! Address Book stores your contact information on Yahoo!’s Web servers so that you can access the information from any PC with an Internet connection and a Web browser.

All your contacts are listed—sorted by last name—on the Yahoo! Address Book page. If you have a number of contacts, you can search for a specific name, display names by the first letter of the last name, re-sort the contacts by first name, company, or e-mail address, or pull down the View Category list to display only those contacts assigned to a specific category. Yahoo! displays icons next to each name indicating whether that person is online or offline at the moment.

To add a contact to your address book, click the Add Contact button. When the Add Contact page appears, enter as much information as possible for your new contact. You can add even more details by clicking the Add More Details button; click the Save button to add this new contact to your Yahoo! Address Book.

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