Slow Network

If you have very slow access to your network computers through "My Network Places"
and have already deleted the Registry entry calling for a check of Scheduled Tasks on the
other network computers (documented elsewhere on this site) AND you have multiple
network adaptors (i.e. a cable or DSL connection through one NIC and an internal network
using a second NIC) check the following:
• Right-click on "My Network Places", go to Properties.
• Right-click on the NIC that your cable/DSL connects to, and choose Properties.
• Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and click on Properties.
• Click on "Advanced", go to "WINS" tab, and chose Disable NetBios over TCP/IP.
• When you are back at your Network Connections page, right-click on the
Broadband selection.
• Choose "Properties", click on the Networking tab.
• Again, choose TCP/IP, Properties, Advanced, WINS, and select "disable NetBios
over TCP/IP".

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