When You Search Yahoo!, You’re Searching Google

Okay, Yahoo! is known for its high-quality and well-organized Web directory. But when you use Yahoo!’s Web Search feature, you bypass the directory entirely and instead retrieve results supplied by a third-party search engine. That’s right. When you use the search box on Yahoo!’s home page, you’re not searching Yahoo!—you’re searching Google.

For some time now, Yahoo! has supplemented its directory listings with results from a partner search engine. Early on, Yahoo! offered results from the Inktomi search engine. Today, Yahoo! uses results provided by Google.

Do your own comparison. Enter a query into the Yahoo! search box, then go to Google (www.google.com) and enter the same query. The results should look familiar.

Since searching with Yahoo! is the same as searching with Google, you can use Google’s advanced search operators when you conduct a Yahoo! Web Search. These operators help you fine-tune your search by including or excluding specific words, searching for exact phrases, and narrowing your search to certain sites or domains. There’s no point in repeating those operators twice in the same book, so turn to Chapter 6 to learn more—then utilize those advanced search operators the next time you construct a query on Yahoo!.

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