Ericsson's solution for GSM connection to a company's Intranet or to the Internet, includes the use of the PSTN between the GSM network and the access-server on the Intranet, or the access-server at the Internet Service Provider. Due to modem handshaking, the time for connection is very long, up to 40 seconds. The unit converting the GSM digital signals to PSTN analogue signals is called the GSM Interworking Unit (GIWU). It can be integrated in the MSC, and is then called DTI, Digital Transmission Internetworking Unit. On the established circuit-switched connection PPP (Point-to-Point protocol) is used. The IP traffic is carried by PPP. The long time for establishing this connection is a great disadvantage for
both users and network operators alike.

High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD), which uses more time slots, is available to circuit switched GSM. The standard is ready and Ericsson are shipping products. The standard allows for speeds of up to 64 kbps and is intended to be used by, for example, video conferencing and telemedicine applications.

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