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As nice as the MSN Home page is, it’s a trifle cluttered. Fortunately, you can fine-tune MSN’s content to create your own personal version of an MSN start page, and use it to display both local and personalized information.

MSN’s personalized start page is called My MSN. You get to it by clicking the My MSN link at the top of the MSN Home page, or by going directly to

You can customize My MSN to display a variety of different content, as shown in Figure . You can also customize the page colors and layout (in a three-column design), all by clicking the appropriate links at the top of the My MSN page. Given the wide assortment of content available, you can use My MSN to display only those items of direct interest, such as your local news and weather.

Once you have your My MSN page set up, configure your Web browser so that My MSN is your browser’s start page. That way you’ll go to the news and information you want whenever you launch your browser.

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