Virus Suspicious

Computer Virus Suspicious File Types. Be wary if any of these show up in your email

•.ade: Microsoft Access projectextension
• .adp: Microsoft Access project
• .bas: Microsoft Visual Basic class module
• .bat: Batch file
• .chm: Compiled HTML Help file
• .cmd: Microsoft Windows NT Command script
• .com: Microsoft MS-DOS program
• .cpl: Control Panel extension
• .crt: Security certificate
• .exe: Program
• .hlp: Help file
• .hta: HTML program
• .inf: Setup Information
• .ins: Internet Naming Service
• .isp: Internet Communication settings
• .js: JScript file
• .jse: Jscript Encoded Script file
• .lnk: Shortcut
• .mdb: Microsoft Access program
• .mde: Microsoft Access MDE database
• .msc: Microsoft Common Console document
• .msi: Microsoft Windows Installer package
• .msp: Microsoft Windows Installer patch
• .mst: Microsoft Visual Test source files
• .pcd: Photo CD image, Microsoft Visual compiled script
• .pif: Shortcut to MS-DOS program
• .reg: Registration entries
• .scr: Screen saver
• .sct: Windows Script Component
• .shs: Shell Scrap object
• .shb: Shell Scrap object
• .url: Internet shortcut
• .vb: VBScript file
• .vbe: VBScript Encoded script file
• .vbs: VBScript file
• .wsc: Windows Script Component
• .wsf: Windows Script file
• .wsh: Windows Script Host Settings file

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