Cable television companies (Comcast, Insight, Brighthouse, Time Warner, etc.) are now competing
with traditional telephone services by providing service over their own networks, usually Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). For more information on VoIP please refer to the OUCC’s VoIP fact sheet.

Coaxial Cable If a consumer uses a cable service for broadband access, a cable modem connects the user’s personal computer to a shared network, connecting the computer to the Internet via the cable company’s main offi ce (as shown below). Cable modems adhere to industry standards known as DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifi cation). These standards allow them to interact with other DOCSIS-certifi ed equipment to ensure data privacy. Cable companies can install new service to customers very quickly and easily if those customers are already using cable TV. In general, cable companies offer faster download and upload speed than traditional DSL if the network is not congested. Cable modems can accommodate data speeds up to 27 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream, but typical speeds generally average 1 to 3 Mbps. Cable broadband speeds can be limited by congestion on the network, limiting providers’ ability to guarantee broadband speeds. The cost of deploying cable can hinder providers’ ability to extend service into low-density areas.

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