Cellular Digital

Cellular Digital Packet Data is a packet switched computer communication network built on top of the AMPS-system. The system offers a gross bit-rate of 19.2 kbps over 30 kHz channels. The standard was arrived at by a committee made up of several Bell-companies, IBM and other data communication players. The standard was ready in 1993, and the construction of CDPD is ongoing in the US, but the coverage is still inadequate.

The interest in CDPD has become an important selling point for AMPS. Vendors use the existence of CDPD solutions to push AMPS networks. Ericsson has had a CDPD product since the end of 1996, and several other suppliers also offer CDPD solutions, the earliest of which were introduced in 1994.

The CDPD standard defines both an IP and a ConnectionLess Network Protocol (CLNP) interface. (CLNP is the OSI equivalence of IP.) Ericsson has no CLNP service in the system, and has no intention to introduce it. The mobility solution is similar to that found in Mobile- IP. There is a base node that controls all it's subscribers' location, i.e. which Serving Node they are under. The Serving Node knows only which subscriber is under it for the moment.

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