Sri Lanka Asscociation in Japan Five-Year Strategic Plan (2006-2010)

1. Background
The Sri Lanka Association in Japan has a history of nearly three decades. The time has now come to restructure and
reorganize it with a new outlook and a greater vigor for the following reasons.
1.1. The Association has been in a dormant status for few years, although it had earned a good reputation in the
1.2. His Excellency the Ambassador is very keen to reactivate and strengthen the Association so as to see it
rendering fruitful services to Sri Lankans living in Japan and for Sri Lanka.
1.3. Sri Lankan community in Japan and their expectations and capacities have diversified and expanded
significantly since the establishment of the Association.
1.4. Along with the globalization process and rapid development of information and communication technology,
services could be now rendered more efficiently and effectively than in the past.
Against this background, the constitution is revised at the Special General Meeting held on 04 June 2006. There is an
urgent need for a proper strategic plan for implementation in order to accomplish the objects listed in the constitution.

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