HTML Language

What is HTML?

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

HTML is the acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. The language is simple ASCII text that describes the structure of a document but not its actual appearance on the page or on the screen .The HTML language is a unique, simple, text-based language, created using simple text editors and viewed on any platform.HTML is used to design the format of a Web page and is a subset of the SGML, the standard generalized markup language. Some of the common elements present in an HTML document are titles, paragraphs, lists, tables and images.

An HTML document consists of two parts, a head and a body. The head contains information about the document, and the body contains the document itself.HTML tags are used to markup an HTML document.


A tag is a special code used to represent elements of an HTML document enclosed in a pair of brackets. Tags denote the various elements in an HTML document. Plain text, headings, paragraphs, lists and tables are some of the elements in an HTML document. There are specific tags for every element. HTML tags consist of a less than symbol (<), a tag name and a greater than symbol (>).Most HTML tags occur in pairs. HTML tags include opening and closing tags. The closing tags are always preceded by a forward slash (/).

The example of tags can be seen as mentioned on the screen.

E.g.: < >

Logical markup tags, also called information style elements, can be used to format text in an HTML document. Logical tags concentrate on the type of information being displayed rather than how to display the information. Most of the computer languages have a set of special characters and a list of reserved words. Similarly, there are a number of foreign language characters and mathematical symbols that cannot be typed directly into the body text of HTML documents. Less than (<), greater than (>), quotation marks (“) and ampersand (&) are a few examples of special characters that cannot be typed directly into the body text of HTML documents.

HTML documents are plain text files that do not contain platform or program-specific information. Character entities or special codes can be used to display the symbols and special characters in the HTML language. HTML documents can be created using any text editor and can be viewed in any browser. HTML documents are viewed in browsers, such as Netscape Navigator, NCSA Mosaic or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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