1.2.1 Advantages of VLE

If we talk about VLE by taken separately, communications, content delivery and even assessment can be delivered via the Web without the need for a VLE. However, because a VLE ties all these technologies into one product and coordinates the information seamlessly it offers so much more than any of the individual technologies could ever do on their own. There are a number of challenges in Higher Education which VLE’S can help with and these include:

Increasing student numbers

Automated assessment

Widening participation

Improved access to limited resources

The reason VLE’S have become so popular and embedded in many institutions is because there are real benefits to be gained from the use of the technology. Ever increasing student numbers is one obvious aspect of Higher Education where VLE’S can help. They can maintain good communications links and there are opportunities for automated assessment. In terms of widening participation VLE’S can provide support and resources to say, part time students who can’t always travel to the campus.

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