1.2 Why VLE important?

A VLE provide wide rage of tools for the teaching as well as

The learning functions. Before going to VLE project the college has to get the better idea of above requirements;

· Information Delivery is going correct way.

· Peer support

· Group work

· Self assessment

· Good lecture and the student communication.

· Proper IT requirement for the studies

· Possible back ground requirement.

· Possible software and hardware requirement.

Before going to VLE system the college management has to identify the above requirements, is it is mach with the VLE.

If we take information delivery is going correct way as a fist point;

We have to mention about the lecture notes. Lecture can provide note through the VLE but some times student can’t access or the lecture note has some error when it display time and display haven’t good quality.

The administrators or the management have to make a view point to above scenario.

Peer support is another major point if we take that Administrators and Lectures have to check whether student can make their assessment alone or if there are any confuse point available in the learning procedure. You can guarantee with the use of technology is that at some stage things will go wrong. The use of a VLE should therefore have some sort of support or backup plan to cover such eventualities. As part of the planning process sources of help should be identified who may be able to help at short notice, say in the event of a network problem. A short term alternative should also be prepared for example, an independent activity, as cover for when things do go wrong.

Also using VLE the lectures should have to know whether the students work as group that mean group work also should be there self assessment and good communication between the lectures and the student must be there because doing from the self assessment the students can get better knowledge, and also other important thing is have a good communication between the lectures and the students. Some times student may have some difficulties in that situation lectures must solve their subject problem. Teaching and learning content, say lecture support notes, is very straightforward but something which can quickly turn students off if not thought out properly. Sometimes staff complains that if they put their lecture notes on the web the students won’t attend the lectures. Or complain that students don’t read the notes even if they do put them on the VLE. These are valid points but which equally apply if the content was paper based.

Other things are proper IT,

It may be back ground, Requirements or Equipments if we talk about the back ground student and lectures want to have good IT background because if the people who use VLE as their education environment but they don’t know about the IT mean they may face large amount of difficulties. Other thing is the requirement or the equipment which use to access to the

For distance learning students, tutors can track if students are engaging with the online communication and associated materials. The assessment drop box allows students to submit assessments virtually. These are collated and time-stamped by the VLE ready for collection in one area by the tutor. After marking, feedback can rapidly be distributed to the students individually, through the VLE. However, a drawback is that many VLE’S do not allow submission which supports anonymous marking. One possible way of using a VLE to encourage student learning is to give a skeleton of the lecture notes online and use the lectures to ‘fill in the gaps’. This way, more time during the lecture can be spent discussing the content with the student rather than simply expecting them to dictate your notes.

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