1.1.3 Features of VLE

.1.3 Features of VLE
1. Shared work group areas – allows designated groups of students to upload and share files as Well as communicate with each other.

2. Communication between tutors and students – e.g. e-mail, discussion board and virtual chat Facilities, which support various types of communication: synchronous and asynchronous, one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many.

3. Delivery of learning resources and materials – e.g. through the provision of lecture notes and supporting materials, images and video clips, links to other Web resources, online discussion and assessment activities.

4. Self-assessment and summative assessment – e.g. multiple-choice assessment with automated marking and immediate feedback.

5. Support for students – could take the form of communication with tutors or other students, provision of supporting materials such as course information and Frequently Asked Questions.

6. Student tools – e.g. individual student WebPages, ‘drop boxes’ for the upload of coursework, electronic diaries and calendars.

7. Management and tracking of students – e.g. usernames and passwords to ensure that only registered students can access the course; analysis of assessment undertaken by students or their use of materials within the VLE.

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