Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We can make crash free network to solve the problems which I given below.
• Using data traffic management and high speed equipments for does the network well. Normally switches are providing data management facility to the network. And using Ethernet stranded we can performed high speed for the network it might be can protect data packets.

• Using high speed cable type and using multiple caballing. We can use twisted pair cable for solving this problem and using high speed Ethernet cables e.g.: CAT 5e, CAT 6 etc. And use multiple lines for the caballing. The major thing is we want use high band width cables; most successful method is using Fiber Optic Cable for doing network but its given extra cost for the networking.

• Using high speed NIC for the networking. Adapter card should be high speed adapter card
because transferring data speed should be protected and the capacity of the NIC should be incise.

• Reduce the range between the computes and using repeaters and routes for amplify the data.

Data packets are not energy full for travel very long distances among the computers. So before made the network we want to reduce the range or else using the amplifier equipments for between computers. Those equipments are routers and repeaters.

• Using different wise network topologies. Net work topology is the other reason for the network crashing. So we can produce different network topologies for same network environment to solve the network crashing.

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