Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yahoo! Classifieds

The Yahoo! Classifieds service ( is a great way to buy and sell items you’d normally sell in a newspaper classified ad. As you can see in Figure , you’ll find classified ads grouped by the following major categories:

 Real Estate

Obviously, some of these categories take you to other sites in the Yahoo! network. (The Personals category, for example, takes you to Yahoo! Personals.) You’ll find unique classified ads in the Merchandise, Tickets, and Pets categories.

When you start browsing or searching the Yahoo! Classifieds listings, you are asked to input your location or zip code. In return, Yahoo! displays those listings closest to your current location. Just like traditional newspaper classifieds, you don’t actually buy anything through Yahoo! Classifieds. Instead, you contact the advertiser directly, via e-mail, and (hopefully) work out a deal between yourselves.

After you find an item or service you’re interested in, display the full listing for that item. Each ad listing should include the seller’s name, e-mail address, and phone number (optional). The easiest way to proceed is to click the Reply to This Ad link next to the person’s e-mail address, which automatically prepares an e-mail to the seller. Compose a message expressing interest or asking a question and then send it out. If all goes well, the seller will respond (hopefully) and at
that point the two of you can attempt to agree on purchasing arrangements.

Selling an item is as easy as clicking the Post an Ad link at the top of the page. Just choose a category, enter a description, and you’re ready to sell!

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