Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wireless Data Communication System

There are lots of different wireless data communication systems. To help us understand them all we divide them into different categories, Local Area Networks, Metropolitan Area
Networks and Wide Area Networks. Some of the techniques used for wireless LANs and MANs are shown here, but we'll discuss those in a little more detail in the next slide.

Wide Area Networks have been divided up into two distinct groups here circuit switched and packet switched. On the circuit switched side are Satellite phones, the American mobile telephone standard AMPS, GSM and PDC. HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data) is a new data oriented circuit switched service for GSM.

The oldest of the packet switched services is Mobitex; a dedicated packet switched network
that has been available since 1986.

The other three systems are conceptually very similar, they all build on existing circuit switched mobile telephony infrastructures and they all add a packet switched service. GPRS provides packet data services by building on the GSM infrastructure, PPDC provides packet data services by building on PDC and CDPD provides packet data services by building on the AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) system.

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