Thursday, August 20, 2009

Systems Summary 1

In this table you can compare the different packet based wireless WAN systems.

The first commercially available Mobitex services offered a bitrate of 1.2 kbps. This was available in 1986 - a long way ahead of it's current competitors. A new Mobitex standard appeared in 1990 offering a gross bit-rate of 8 kbps.

Of the packet data systems that build on mobile telephone infrastructures, CDPD was the first to be standardized in 1993.

The gross bit-rate is 19.2 kbps and the net bitrate is approximately 10 kbps. Although the CDPD standard specifies both an IP and a CLNP interface, Ericsson's CDPD product offers only the IP version. The first CDPD networks went into operation in 1994. Ericsson's first CDPD network went into operation in 1997 in New Zealand.

PPDC was standardized in 1997. It offers a net bit-rate of between 9 and 26 kbps. This flexibility derives from the ability to utilize more than a single time-slot. The PPDC standard specifies an IP interface. The first PPDC networks was in operation in 1996 - before the standard was officially complete!

The GPRS standard will be the last to be completed with phase 1 standardized in spring of 1998 and phase 2 standardization ongoing. The net bit-rate offered is between 9 and 168 kbps, depending on the number of timeslots used. Phase 1 of the standard calls for both an IP and an X.25 interface, phase 2 may specify others.

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