Sunday, August 9, 2009

Secrets of the Internet Portals

This part covers the top Web portals, those sites that offer a little bit of everything and want to be the starting point for all your Web surfing. The biggest portals are covered here: Yahoo!, MSN,, Excite, and Lycos.

If you connect to the Internet, chances are that you do. Yahoo! is the most popular site on the Internet. More people visit Yahoo! every day than visit America Online or Google or or eBay or any other Internet destination. With more than 300 million users in 25 different countries (and 13 different languages), Yahoo! is visited by more than two-thirds of all
Internet users at least once a month. It’s fair to assume that you’re one of those 300 million users, and that you use Yahoo! to find other sites on the Web. But do you know everything you can do at Yahoo!? Do you know all about Yahoo! services, including free e-mail and online
shopping and personal ads and stock quotes and TV schedules and travel reservations and interactive games and down loadable music radio and real-time chat and instant messaging and... well, do you?

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