Sunday, August 16, 2009

MSN Secrets

MSN—formerly known as the Microsoft Network—is one of the most popular portals on the Internet, rivaling both Yahoo! and America Online for number of users. (Some sources actually place MSN as the number-one portal in terms of average days per month per user.) That should come as no surprise; MSN has assembled a first-class assortment of content and services, and presents it all in a very attractive package. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Microsoft steers you in the direction of MSN when you use any Microsoft product or service— including Windows. In fact, if you’re a Microsoft user (and who isn’t?), you’d be hard pressed to avoid MSN.

According to Microsoft, MSN attracts a more experienced, more technically savvy user than does chief competitor America Online. That makes sense; in a way, MSN is like AOL for grown-ups.

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