Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let’s start with group communications, which you do with Yahoo! Chat ( Once you load the Yahoo! Chat software, you enter a topic-specific chat room where you join other users in a group conversation. You send messages
to the room using your keyboard and read everyone else’s messages on
your computer screen. You can even send private messages to other users in a chat room, so you can keep your personal conversations out of the public eye.

The Yahoo! Chat page is your home page for all of Yahoo!’s chat activities. From here you can access featured chat rooms and chat events, or browse through the available chat rooms, organized by category.

When you enter a chat room, you see the screen shown in Figure . All messages are displayed in the Chat pane; everyone chatting in the room is listed in the Chatters pane. You enter your messages in the Send box and then click the Send button (or press Enter) to send the message to the room. After you send a message, it appears in the Chat pane, listed in-line with all the other messages.Figure Everybody else in your chat room is listed in the Chatters list. If you want to
change chat rooms, click the Change Room button. When you click this button, Yahoo! displays the chat room list; click a room name to change to that room.

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