Monday, August 24, 2009

3G Wireless

The IMT-2000 specification makes specific provisions for 3G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). The International Telecommunications Union specifies that “IMT-2000 aims to exploit the potential synergy between the digital mobile telecommunications technologies being developed as part of the dramatic growth of personal telecommunications, and those rapidly evolving for Fixed
Wireless Access.” According to the ITU, this means that IMT-2000 will offer wireless access to the global telecommunications infrastructure which will serve both mobile and fixed users in both public and private networks.

Fixed wireless 3G is a converged, multimedia-driven technology that surpasses early concepts of wireless local loop which relied principally on RF and line-of-sight connections to deliver basic
POTS and narrowband data (mostly to under-served or sparsely populated areas). In fixed mode, 3G utilizes a point-to-multipoint network architecture that can transmit data and voice
simultaneously at high speeds across core wireless infrastructure. Potential applications for 3G fixed services include SOHO, business and home networking which creates a high-speed
interface/gateway between an in-building ‘network of networks’ (e.g., wireless interworking of telephony, data, video, home energy monitoring, and security networks) and the outside world – e.g., the Internet and the PSTN.

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