Saturday, August 8, 2009


To Whom It May Concern,

On behalf of the Team of the Assignment Lanka, You are invited to sticktogether with our Group as a prospective member.We value our membership and offer it only to those we believe will help makeour group stronger. In our view, you are that type of person.This Booklet has been produced to provide you with some basic informationabout Group;

The Benefits of Joining a Professional Association

• You will have access to a huge network of like-minded professionals who arealso interested in advancing their career, participating in special projectsand learning new skills.

• Being part of the networking group and being involved with special projectsalso means that you will also a pulse on the big picture, more specifically:the corporate-wide happenings.

• You will also gain insights into industry happenings through your regularcontact with decision-makers, like-minded peers and training opportunities.

• Education and advancement. Groups regularly offer skill-buildingopportunities through seminars, professional training sessions, and mentorrelationships. Take advantage of all of them to advance your career and expandyour knowledge base.Ect..

Warmly welcome To Assignment Lanka (

With Best Regards,

Team Assignment Lanka

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