Saturday, July 25, 2009

2.2.1 What the College need from the VLE

In the from the beginning of this project we discuss about what the college need now I can summarize what college need in point form such as;

• Access to the server files structure
• Conditional or selective release of content
• To batch upload test questions
• Use of calculation questions within a quiz
• Multiple chat rooms available for each course
• Shared file structure for group work
• Advanced student and page tracking features
• Chat capabilities are automatically logged
• Instructor control of course archives
• An internal e-mail system
• A grade book that can be customized and provides calculations of final grades.

Those are the main functions we need; also I decide to use Blackboard Learning system as our VLE because it is easy to handle in those situation users can easy to heddle both of students and Lectures. Let see ho is Cost effective;

WebCT Training budget $16,270.00
WebCT Training Hours 55 hours
WebCt Purchase Budget $7,000 - $30,000

Blackboard Training cost $ 3,000
Blackboard Training hours 10 hours
Blackboard Purchase Budget $5,000-7,500

* Please note this budget values will change according to the product and the user skill but WebCT cost is higher than to the Blackboard.

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