Saturday, July 25, 2009

2.1.1 Take two Products from the Market

The reason there are so many products on the market is that not all VLE’S offer the same range of functionality. In addition, the scope of the options available is not always the same. For example, not all communication tools offer the same level of functionality or flexibility. Another reason for variety is because different systems have different strengths and weaknesses. However, this does not necessarily mean one system is better than another as increased functionality can sometimes mean increased complexity and confusion. Therefore, the reason that there are so many products on the market is because people have different preferences, and different products help meet those needs in different ways. There have been several reviews conducted regarding the comparison of online course

Delivery tools or Virtual Learning Environments and there are a great number of Products. After some general research, we produced a shortlist for detailed evaluation.

· Blackboard


· Nathan Bodington Building

· TekniCAL (Virtual Campus)

· Top Class

· WebCT

These products were chosen because, in general terms, they fulfill the criteria for a Virtual Learning Environment with regard to functionality. The ranges of products are quite different in their approaches

The most important reason for choosing a VLE is that it will give you enhanced benefits to traditional face to face teaching and learning. It is important to have a reason to use technology rather than feel you have to just because the technology exists. In order to choose a VLE you must therefore draw up a list of criteria and reasons for using the technology. From here you are then in a better position to select a VLE knowing what you want, and will be able to match these criteria to a VLE that will best suit your needs. So from the Market there are suitable two products are available;

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