Saturday, July 25, 2009

1.1.2 Term of VLE

  • Conferencing Tool

Most of the time with VLE it provide conference tool, this tool is very important for the student as well as the teachers because from conference tool they can discuss the problems which occur in learning. They provide the means for students to engage in collaborative exchange about topics on the course.

  • E-mail

Form e-mail VLE users can make better bridge to communicate among them that is really give help to them solve the educational problems

· Metadata

Metadata is defining in sequence about an entity. It is imperative for categorizing and thorough matter according to their proposed use in a exacting background. A complicated metadata set can include a wide selection of in sequence about an entity. For example, for a Java applet that is included as a supply in a route unit, the metadata would provide information about who created it, when it was created, who the target spectators is etc. Most present VLE’s include some easy system for as long as metadata concerning capital, course units and populace; though more than a few systems those are at present under growth are paying more concentration to the metadata subject. To be truthfully successful any metadata system be supposed to be consistent in some way so that it can be used crossways unusual systems quite than being local to a exacting system. For these reason values efforts such as the IMS project initiate by EDUCAUSE in the US and the Adriane project in Europe are of particular relevance.

· Assignment

From through the VLE teachers can provide assignment what student want to do as well as the course contains for students to return completed assignments to the tutor for grading and feedback. Most of the universities use assignment providing through the VLE.

· Assessments

Under assessments we can have quest test in online then student can learn more about the causes under assessments. Although not all VLES are capable of offering assessment tools there are a wide range of independent assessment products available which can sometimes be linked to a VLE to enhance its functionality. One big advantage of having an integrated assessment tool is that it usually enables results to be stored and used with other content within the system.

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